So ‘hoo’ are GoCo Tech?

Cutting-edge technology, engineering wizardry and data know how.
Owl wearing a wizard hat
Everything we do is about making our services better, easier and faster so that the people who use GoCompare can save time on saving money.

Our engineering teams are already embracing our tech values of simplicity, intelligence and beauty, and put them at the heart of our digital evolution

Their commitment to our renewed way of thinking is inspiring to see. We’re focused on new collaborations and career pathways, hacks and innovation, automation, TDD, CI and CD, and that’s just for starters.

Three pillars of GoCo Tech

Working in GoCo Tech

“The business as a whole is adopting Agile thinking and organisation, which is driving change and development in so many exciting new directions – both technically and commercially – and the Digital Engineering and IT teams are embedded at the very heart of that process.”

Clive Gilson, Head of Engineering
Tech employee benefits

“Tech and tools without consideration for people and function is meaningless. Decide what your organisation needs, what problems it has, and introduce the tools, processes and training that suits you – and bring everyone with you along the journey.”

Natalie Jakomis, Director of Group Data