CRM Executive

The job in a nutshell

To assist in the delivery of the customer relationship management (CRM) strategy providing support across all existing customer marketing communications.

Skills and experience you’ll need to have

  • Previous experience of using a campaign management system and supporting the delivery of marketing campaigns.
  • Understanding of a range of digital marketing channels.
  • Awareness of customer segmentation and modelling techniques.
  • Experience of producing creative and content briefs.
  • Demonstrable experience of interpreting data and providing recommendations for improvement,

What you’ll be responsible for

  • Assists in the delivery of the customer contact strategy to meet business targets.
  • Supports the application of customer modelling and segmentation techniques to improve campaign targeting and return on investment.
  • Supports the development and delivery of campaign testing plans.
  • Supports the delivery of new communication channels to meet customer needs.
  • Assists in the delivery of campaign analysis and recommendations for improvements in order to maximise customer engagement and revenue generation.
  • Facilitates updated within the wider marketing team and other relevant business areas.

Who you’ll be working with

  • Marketing team – to ensure deliver of targeted communications to relevant customers.
  • Wider business – to ensure delivery of activity that adheres to FCA and other regulatory requirements.
  • External email agencies – to ensure effective delivery of email communications.
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Contract type:

Full time

Closing date:

31st May 2018

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